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As originally envisioned, this project was to involve the synthesis of phenylnitromethane and the subsequent photolysis of that compound. It was hoped that identification and separation of the photochemical products would lead to some basic conclusions regarding inter- and intra- molecular photo-induced rearrangements. Some light might also be thrown on energy transfer in a system of non-conjugated double bonds. Comparison of the products obtained from phenylnitromethane and higher homologs of the series, where n = 2,3,4 with the known reaction nitrobenzene could lead to conclusion on structure versus products and structure versus efficiency of energy transfer along an alkyl chain. The term energy transfer is taken to mean the transfer of energy absorbed in any part of the molecule, especially the nitro group. The form of presentation is to give an account of some photo-chemical reactions relevant to the one which was contemplated in this research and to relate the conclusion to the case of phenylnitromethane. Each approach to the synthesis, including the experimental results and a discussion of the reasons for failure, will be presented separately.

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