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In the field of Colloid Chemistry, precipitate structures in gels have been studied for quite sometime. The formation of a rhythmic band configuration known as Liesegang rings, when an insoluble salt is formed by the gradual diffusion of one ion into a gel containing the other ion has become a common phenomenon. At the outset of this research project, the primary intent was to continue the work of R. DeSieno into a somewhat different regular structure obtained by ionic diffusion in the presence of mercury vapor. This phenomenon to be studied involves the formation and nature of radial lines produced when silver ions slowly diffuse under closely controlled conditions into chromated gelatin in the presence of mercury vapor. In the process of varying such things as time, concentration of reactions and mercury area, striking results rare obtained together with the occurrence of various radial structures, a number of unpredicted variations can be produced. The effect of these variables on precipitate structure will be discussed in this thesis.

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