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Galen W. Ewing




The purpose of this research was to derive, on a theoretical basis, a correlation between the ultraviolet absorption spectra and the molecular structure of benzotriazole. The ultraviolet spectra of buffered aqueous solutions of benzotriazole at numerous pH values from strong acid to strong base have been determined with a Model DU Beckman Spectrophotometer, and an attempt has been made to correlate these spectra with the molecular structure of the compound. As a check on the validity of the theory proposed in correlating the absorption spectra with the molecular structure, the spectra of a 5, (6) – chlorobenzotriazole have been determined under the same conditions and compared with the spectra predicted on the basis of the proposed theory for the 5, (6) – chloro derivative. Further minor evidence, not related to the absorption spectra, is also presented which, in part, substantiates the proposed theory.

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