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The general purpose of this investigation has been to obtain data concerning the preparation of and the time of set of a silica-alumina gel. Much work has been done here at Union College in studying the effects of temperature, hydrogen-ion concentration, presence and concentration of certain impurities, and other factors upon the time of set of a silica gel mixture. In these experiments, we used a silica gel mixture whose concentration of silica was the same as that used in these previous experiments, but we mixed with it enough alumina to form a final silica-alumina gel mixture whose mol ratio of alumina to silica was approximately one to ten. In the greater portion of this work, each variable except the temperature was held constant. Thus, we studied the effect of temperature upon the time of set. However, in some later experiments, changes were made in the concentration of alumina in an attempt to discover whether or not the alumina had any added effect on the time of set other than its evident change in the pH of the solution. As a consequence of this study, the pH of each solution was determined. Once the time of set of these silica-alumina gels had been determined, it seemed of value to compare them with the time of set of the pure silica gel under the same conditions. It was hoped that from this subsequent comparison we would be able to give some indications as to the advantages of the use of a silica-alumina gel mixture as an industrial catalyst over time pure silica gel catalyst.

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