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When a sodium silicate solution and an acid are mixed, a gel is sooner or later formed. The spped of gelation is a variable, and it depends on a number of factors, of which there are four fundamental ones. There are as follows: (1) The concentration of water glass (2) The concentration of acid (3) Agitation (4) Temperature. In this investigation of time of set, these four elements were kept as constant as possible. There is a fifth factor of real importance. This is one that has to do with the addition of some impurity. Of course if the impurity added is acid or base, numbers (1) and (2) above enter in. The question arises, is it entirely due to neutralization of the acid, when for example, CH3NH3OH is the foreign matter added? In the first part of this work, the effect of CH3COOC2H5 and its products of hydrolosis was studied. This was followed by a more interesting group of compounds.

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