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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Political Science

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Eshragh Motahar

Second Advisor

Mark Dallas




dva, electronics, industry, value, trade


There is no question that China’s role in the international economy has grown over time, as it seems to be claiming more and more of center stage in the global arena. Back in the early 1990’s, the phenomenon of globalization enabled China to expand its reach, inserting itself into intricate production hierarchies that began to define the global marketplace. China experienced a massive export boom in 2000, and since, has evolved to become a highly sophisticated, high-tech country that now plays an integral role within not only the East Asian region, but also the rest of the world. This thesis will examine China’s extraordinary growth through the analysis of the evolution, dynamics and trends of the content of Chinese exports from 1995-2011. It will focus specifically on China’s electronics industry—since level of technology is often indicative of level of development—in order to make speculative conclusions about China’s future growth and sustainability. Ultimately, through a regional cross-comparison and the examination of extensive trade data, this paper seeks to investigate the significance of China’s location within the larger East Asian region and whether this aspect of regionalization either enhances or limits China’s technological development and potential growth. The results obtained provide evidence that due to East Asia’s distinct character, indeed, much of the significance behind China’s success lies in the regionalism that defines East Asia. Furthermore, despite China’s export growth and the increase in DVA seen within its electronics sector, a “leveling off phenomenon” set in in 2004 and has continued to prevail.