Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Environmental Science and Policy

First Advisor

Ilene Kaplan




environment, education, sustainability, environmental education, early education, conservation


This paper analyses Environmental Clearinghouse of Schenectady, a local nonprofit environmental organization. The paper investigates the history of the organization as well as the effectiveness of its organizational and funding habits. A literary review was conducted to analyze the success of ECOS mission as well as the positive effects ECOS has on society using elements such as environmental education, the importance of early environmental education, how well the organization connects urban residents with the outdoors and the effectiveness of environmental programs. This research promotes the importance of early environmental education on our future generations health and environmental conditions. Additionally, through education, every person learns they are important and powerful enough to make a difference. ECOS is a small, local organization, but ECOS mission stretches past Schenectady’s town boundaries to benefit more people and more of our outdoor spaces.