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Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Richard Wilk




phase, energy, storage, solar, material, latent, wax, sustainable, renewable


Thermal Storage Systems are gaining more attention in recent years with the increased emphasis on more renewable energy sources. Energy storage is necessary whenever there is greater amounts of energy being produced than is required. Various improvements to the conventional heat storage system can be made by integrating latent heat storage into the conventional heat storage system. Latent heat storage can be utilized for thermal storage applications by using phase change materials, materials that will undergo a change in their physical state in the temperature range desired for heat storage.

Analysis was conducted on four different waxes considering the waxes for use in a latent heat storage unit. Benchmark experiments analyzing the cooling curves of the waxes were conducted. In addition, data was collected using a differential scanning calorimeter to measure the latent heat of the phase change material as well as the onset temperature of melting in the waxes. The latent heat value of paraffin wax was found to be approximately .Based on the analysis, palm wax was chosen as the phase change material to be used in a prototype latent heat storage.

A small prototype latent heat storage unit was constructed using a 1 gallon steel can with copper tube coils in the container. The container was then filled with palm wax, which serves as the heat storage medium in the system. Based on some initial testing, it was found that when operating between and , the palm wax was able to store approximately of energy.