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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Ronald Bucinell




material, shank, boots, subject, using


The purpose of this research endeavor is to identify and record the differences in human performance from altering the shank material of a Forsake “Trail” sneakerboot. Three materials were analyzed in this study: the legacy nylon material that is currently used in Forsake boots, a PEEK thermoplastic impregnated carbon fiber, and a resin impregnated flax composite. The stiffness of each material was calculated using a standardized ISO 18896 longitudinal stiffness test. Each shank was then installed in size 10.5 (USA) “Trail” boots using an identical installation method in Forsake’s factory. The human performance tests were quantified by measuring the heart rate of a 195-pound male test subject wearing boots of varying shank material. The heart rate of the subject was measured two times for each combination of shank material and treadmill incline. The walking gait of the subject was also analyzed using the 240 frames per second slow-motion video capabilities of an iPhone 7+ smartphone and an iPad Pro 9.7” tablet.

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