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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Spanish and Hispanic Studies

First Advisor

Victoria Martinez




women, machismo, mental, mexican, disorders


This thesis explores the role of machismo and how it impacts women in Mexico. Machismo dominates Mexican society where men have complete authority and control over women, thus trapping them under patriarchal rule. This thesis examines how the novel, La Genara written by Rosina Conde, highlights the detrimental effects of machismo through letters between two sisters, Genara and Luisa. This study examines the ways in which Mexican women are silenced, oppressed and abused and the ways in which societal norms affects their mental state, and sometimes to mental disorders, and it also shows that in such a society, there is a stigma against mental disorders and no treatment options available to help these women. Conde’s text exposes the struggles of Mexican women in Mexico who question and try to resist oppression.