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Union College Only

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Spanish and Hispanic Studies

First Advisor

Victoria Martinez

Second Advisor

Stephanie Mueller




Juarez, Femicide, Impunity, Border, Mexico


This Thesis explores the fictional and non-fictional representation of the impunity and violence in Juarez, Mexico. Since the 1990s, Juárez Mexico has been plagued with violence that has altered the city’s way of life. This violence has mainly manifested itself in the rape and murder of young women. In 2004, the violence became so bad that the murder rate averaged about one a day for these young women. While the murder rates rose they coupled with another phenomenon in Juárez, one of impunity. A number of arrests in murder cases with the rampant continuation of the murders proved this theme to be present. Along with the already widespread fear of the murder rate, this impunity brought even more violence to the region. This created a lack of ability to discuss the events without the threat of being killed. However, there remain a number of authors who bravely chose to publicize the Juárez events. The three works that are analyzed in this Thesis are the film Traspatio, written by Sabina Berman, the play Lomas de Poleo, written by Edeberto Galindo and the documentary On the Edge: Femicide in the City of Juárez, directed by Steev Hise.