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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

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Computer Science

First Advisor

Shane Cotter

Second Advisor

John Rieffel




design, finger, project, software, figure


Humanoid robotics is a growing area of research due to its potential applications in orthosis and prosthesis for human beings. With the currently available technologies, the most advanced robotic hands used in prosthetics or robotics can cost from $11,000 to $90,000, making it inaccessible to the general population of amputees and robotics hobbyists. Most of the features provided by these expensive technologies are superfluous to many users, creating a great gap in cost and services between users and technology. Using the emerging 3D printing technology, my project is to construct a 3D printed robotic hand that can reproduce as many basic functionalities of the advanced expensive hands, while minimizing the cost. The project involves choosing a feasible 3D printed design plan, assembly of the mechanical and electrical components of the robotic hand, the design and implementation of the software interface for intuitive user control of the hand and ease of integrability to existing robotic systems. This new hand will allow mimicking, versatile gripping, human-recognizable gestures, feedback controlled force exertion, and a ROS integrated software interface. This project will further allow students at Union to extend their research in social robotics and human-computer interface by incorporating the inexpensive robotic hand