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Bachelor of Science



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Melinda Goldner

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Suzanne Benack




rural, urban, suburban, school psychology, school psychologist, school, community, location, role


School psychologists play an important role today in the education of students by helping those with and without diagnosed disabilities. Their role as a school psychologist entails assessing students, providing interventions, consulting with teachers and more. This study looks to see if school psychologists have a different role depending on their community location, specifically rural, urban and suburban locations. Past research is outdated and finds varying results with some finding that the role differs depending on the setting, while others find more similarities than differences. This study found both similarities and differences in characteristics of school psychologists, the population of students who they work with and with their overall job satisfaction. However, there were no large differences in their overall role and there were more similarities than differences. These results suggest that location may not affect the role of the school psychologist but it affects other parts of the job. Data were taken from phone interviews of school psychologists in each of the community settings and transcribed to be analyzed. Limitations and future research are discussed.