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Bachelor of Arts


Theater and Dance

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Patricia Culbert




The North Pool is set in Sheffield Massachusetts, in a typical American public high school. The entirety of the show takes place on Friday, April 13, 2007. The play takes place during spring time, so it can be assumed that it is mildly warm but not too hot. Specifically, it is known that the meeting time between the two protagonists, and the start of what the audience witnesses, begins at 4 in the afternoon. In terms of evaluating the economic environment, the most valued thing throughout this play is the memory of Lia Whinston, the student who committed suicide. She is the focal point of the show, uniting character, plot, and setting. A tangible example of Lia’s value in the world of the play can be seen during the moment when a flute is taken out during the meeting between Khadim and Dr. Danielson. It is apparent that the flute holds considerable sentimental worth, considering Khadim bought her the flute when he was in love with Lia. When Dr. Danielson takes the flute out, Khadim immediately reacts in a defensive and emotional way, because the flute simultaneously represents his past happy memories of Lia as well as the overwhelming grief he feels now that she has passed away.