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Bachelor of Science



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Kenneth DeBono




product, participants, entry, autotext


Previous research suggests that cognitive load affects decision-making tasks. As well, a consumer varies his or her purchasing decisions based off of his or her personal level of Consumer Ethnocentrism (CE) and the Country of Origin (COO) of the product or brand. Eighty individuals participated in the study. Some participants were put under cognitive load by having remembering an 8 digit number span. All subjects were randomly exposed to one of two product sets, where COO was manipulated. Each product set consisted of 5 advertisements followed by a series of 4 questions. These questions regarded their willingness to purchase the product in the advertisement, their familiarity with the product, and a quality rating of the product. All participants then answered the CETSCALE questionnaire in order to measure their CE. It was hypothesized that participants with high CE regardless of cognitive load will tend to favor purchasing American products over products with a foreign COO. In addition, participants with low CE under cognitive load will be indifferent when making purchasing decisions on domestic versus foreign products.