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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Science


Computer Science

Second Department


First Advisor

Davide Cervone

Second Advisor

Kristina Striegnitz




editor, equation, editors, features, mathematics


In order to typeset mathematics on computers, and therefore communicate ideas in science, mathematics, and other related fields across the internet, as well as other mediums, it is necessary to have a specialized piece of software to convert simple keyboard entry into complex equations. This software is referred to as an equation editor. While many equation editors are available today, significant usability issues exist in all of them. Our project involved designing a specification for a new editor from the ground up with a selection of the best of the features exhibited in current editors. A web based proof of concept editor was then created from this specification, and user testing conducted on it to determine which features in the editor were successful, and which needed more improvement. This paper will discuss equation editor design in general, as well as our own implementation and testing of our editor, and some conclusions that can be drawn from this project.