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Mehmet Sener




aids, africa, factors, affect, african


Since the early 1990s many countries in Africa have experienced low economic growth. One of the main contributors to Africa’s economic difficulties has been the spread of HIV/AIDS. Although foreign governments, aid organizations, and NGOs have attempted to contain the epidemic, they have achieved little in helping the average citizen in Africa. If the international community is going to be able to help African nations better allocate resources to combat AIDS, it is important to understand what factors affect the prevalence of the disease. Thus this paper examines the factors that contribute to the promulgation of the AIDS virus in Africa by using a macroeconomic panel data set for African nations. The findings imply that education, population density, Muslim population, and healthcare appear to be factors that affect a given nation’s AIDS prevalence. Governments and aid organizations can incorporate these results into existing programs by allocating additional resources to determinants that appear to have the largest effect on AIDS rates.