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mexico, problems, economic, economy, los


The economy of Mexico has long been stagnant even though other countries once categorized with this nation in the “emerging markets” group have began to thrive. Much of the major problems that hinder economic growth in Mexico are a result of inefficient bureaucracies and corrupt officials. The country will continue to suffer from these problems until it implements reforms that remove the decision making processes from a select few. Mexico adopted neoliberal economic policies in the early 1990s. These policies try to minimize government intervention in the market and are believed to encourage investments and allow for social mobility. This intended effect did not occur in Mexico because it was launched at an inopportune time due to the turbulent state of the financing sector. Rascón Banda, an ex-corporate lawyer, describes many of the challenges facing the Mexican economy and how these problems negatively affect the Mexican society. This thesis analyzes Los ilegales, Los ejecutivos and El abrecartas to show how many of the problems that have harmed Mexico in the past have not been resolved. These three plays describe the hardships faced by members of different societal classes.