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Political Science




american, muslim, world, democratization, interests


Democratization and American Policy in the Muslim World will examine the prospects of democracy developing in the Muslim world and what democratization could mean for American regional and global security interests. The ongoing military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan by the United States are part of an ambitious foreign policy agenda by the current US administration to bring democracy to the Muslim world in hopes of nullifying many of the factors that are believed to foster anti-American violence. This policy is pivotal to American interests in the Muslim world, as policymakers are faced with a tradeoff between preserving the status quo and American interests by supporting current regimes, or by making efforts at democratization and potentially undermining their relationships with ruling elites. The study is designed to analyze perceptions of American designs and intentions in the Muslim world by comparing and contrasting the international, national, and internal relations of Indonesia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt with the United States to governmental and popular responses.