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Bachelor of Science


Computer Engineering




device, accuracy, design, project, accelerometer


Current workout measurement devices such as pedometers are limited. There are inexpensive and easy to use solutions offering low accuracy, and accurate yet expensive designs. This project aims to produce a device fitting in the middle of the cost versus accuracy spectrum. The project design consists of a hardware prototype as well as final design with software. An accelerometer is used as the sensor in this device so the cost can be minimized while accurate distance measurements are recorded. This device will be worn on a user’s shoe, possibly integrated into a shoe itself in the future. If a device with these characteristics is offered, a user will have a better product which is simple to use and low in price. This report serves to outline the project development from design background to parts selection and the development and final device designs. By using a simple microcontroller connected to an accelerometer and display, the device is able to recognize and time strides with high accuracy and translate these values to a corresponding distance measurement.