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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering




repeater, range, receiver, antenna, elements


A repeater is a relaying radio station, and is the basis for technology such as cell phone communication. The development of a repeater system provides an opportunity to study many issues that arise in radio-frequency communications. The goal of this project was to enable an existing repeater system to operate effectively by increasing its range. Several areas of concern were addressed, including antenna gain and height and receiver sensitivity. It was necessary to measure the levels of noise within certain receiver elements, and to improve the signal to noise ratio of the receiver, and appropriate devices had to be constructed or procured to do so. It was also necessary to install a high gain antenna in an elevated location in order to increase transmitter range and coverage. The result of these improvements was that the range of the repeater has been increased, and is now as great as was originally intended for the system. The performance of the repeater could be increased with further simple modifications to some system elements.