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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts



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Janet Grigsby




bullying, college, study, campus, research


This study investigates whether or not bullying continues during the college years. While there is an extensive amount of research on bullying in middle school and high school, research on bullying in college is extremely limited. To date, only one study has addressed college bullying. This study expands on the aforementioned study and explores whether or not bullying exists in college. To explore bullying in college, a short questionnaire was distributed to 82 students and in-depth interviews were conducted with 10 students on one college campus. The collected data reveals that bullying on this campus does exist. The questionnaire reported that 82% of the respondents had witnessed bullying. Those interviewed unanimously experienced a higher rate of bullying in college than they had in high school. Even though this study explored bullying on only one campus, the overwhelmingly response emphasizes the need for additional research on college bullying at campuses across the country.