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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Hans-Friedrich Mueller




jesuit, translation, english, middle, mission


My project is a translation from Latin to English of a Jesuit correspondence written in 1626 reporting the status of a Syrian mission to propagate Christianity. It was composed by Gaspar Maniglier and Jean Stella, the first two Jesuit fathers to be sent to the Middle East on a mission. This letter represents how the Jesuits navigated through uncharted territory, and it lends an invaluable perspective on their new lives, in which they forged amicable and hostile relationships, and faced many other challenges from naval warfare to excommunication. In this edition, I have completed a short historical and methodological introduction, a typed transcription from the manuscript, an English translation including relevant footnotes, and a list of abbreviations used by the author. My goal is to provide a reader without any knowledge about Middle Eastern Jesuit missions with an understanding of this document as its own entity through a clear, readable translation and accompanying notes.