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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

First Advisor

Chris Duncan




nature, elements, work, creating, distinct


Of the physical world, nature embodies plants, animals and landscapes. Nature is the basic and inherent qualities of something. Nature is pure and organic. It is everywhere, both responding to other elements and being responded to. The project I have been pursuing, Suggested Planes, is a study of creating natural sculptures. The work consists of my own interpretation of natural elements. Focusing on the idea that nature has her own unique method of making something, I look to find a new way. Everything in nature is distinct; there is a science behind the weight of the petal on the flower or the placement of the branch on the tree. Having studied the elements, I choose not to follow nature’s distinct directions. Instead, I see them as guidelines. None of my work is meant to be an exact replication, rather an eluding analysis, my own understanding. Additionally, my work is an exploration of steel, furthering my own knowledge of its characteristics and qualities. In creating, I have researched and studied how the great artists have seen and dealt with the idea of nature, as well as structures and have learned from them.