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Bachelor of Arts



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Janet Grigsby




health, groups, important, care, impact


There were many health activist organizations formed as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the central question of whether they constitute a social movement remains unanswered. They are advocating for justice in the realm of health care that is due to the residents of lower Manhattan, the students who went to school there during and after 9/11, and those who worked there. Many of these constituents have been overlooked in the provision of health care by the government, despite their very real symptoms due to toxic dust inhalation. The organizations in this area are having an increasingly important impact on society, so it is important to answer this and other questions. In this study, the leaders and members of certain key groups as well as other influential players were interviewed. In addition, a meeting was attended and observed as a representative example of what is typically discussed and how these types of coalitions operate. Information was also gathered prior to the interviews from the groups’ websites and other literature. The interviews revealed important information regarding the goals, priorities, tactics, motivations, and accomplishments of the activists and the groups. This was very helpful in considering whether this upsurge of 9/11 health activism may be considered a social movement and how it has and will impact society.