Date of Award


Document Type

Union College Only

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

First Advisor

Sandra Wimer




printmaking, drawing, visual arts, composition, mixed media


My senior thesis project investigated the creative possibilities of combining printmaking and drawing to create new depth, form, and flow in mixed media artwork. Because these two media are a great compliment to one another, it allowed me to emphasize and experiment more with color and composition, while maintaining playful and intriguing subject matter. By integrating each medium into the other, I was able to bring out the unique characteristics of each, the delicacy and versatility of drawing, against the boldness and strength of printmaking. I used pen and ink in addition to graphite to create the drawn portions of my work, while relying heavily on linoleum relief for the printmaking portion. The process of combining these two media also allowed for a great amount of variation and experimentation. The process of bringing the two together was begun with either media, and followed by the other, which resulted in very different results. Experimenting with the opacity and luminosity of printmaking allowed more combinations with the varying techniques of graphite and pen and ink. I worked on a relatively large scale, using half sheets of linoleum and paper and working my way up to full sheets for some pieces. By doing so, was able to create more visually appealing compositions, using the paper as part of the piece of artwork instead of just as the surface it is displayed upon. In addition to the composition, the paper itself was also very important because of its color, texture, edges, and more, all of which can be influenced to create the desired effect.