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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Darius Watson




christian, policy, foreign, influence, ability


The United States has a notorious religious lobby and hosts a wide variety of fundamentalist Christian organizations attempting to influence US foreign policy. In a nation where Televangelists and Christian extremists, such as Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell, are more publicly recognized than many government leaders it can be no wonder that what critics are calling the “New Christian Right” (NCR) has quickly become a potent political force. Evangelists are now the largest Christian sect in the United States and they are more politically active than ever before. This thesis examines the ability of Christian fundamentalists to influence American foreign policy in the social, economic, and political contexts. The definition and character of Christian fundamentalism is clearly developed. Important groups within this dual federal and grassroots campaign, including the Christian Coalition, Samaratin’s Purse, and World Vision, are discussed throughout the study in terms of their contributions to the evolution of foreign policy. The implementation of U.S. foreign policy objectives is viewed through the fundamentalist lens and the impact of President Bush’s faith-based initiatives program is discussed in relation to the ability of the NCR to influence policy execution. This thesis will seek to examine the reality behind the rhetoric with respect to the true ability of Christian fundamentalists in the United States to influence foreign policy.