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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Science



First Advisor

Kenneth DeBono




relationships, personality, success, connection, contact


Relationships are defined as an emotional or some form of connection between two individuals. There are many factors that influence personal relationships. Previous research has explored different personality traits that impact these relationships. The purpose of my research is to specifically investigate how one trait, competitiveness, affects both romantic relationships as well as friendships. This study was conducted by surveying at total of 79 Union College students. The students voluntarily completed a combination of five surveys which were selected from previous studies. Their responses indicated if they had Type A personality, how they felt about love, and their strength of their relationship with either their best friend or current romantic partner. The predicted results of my study are that individuals who are more competitive, or of Type A personality, will have weaker romantic relationships and friendships than less competitive individuals, because of previous research indicating that competitive individuals are focused on their success and thus spend less time on their personal relationships.