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Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages and Literatures

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Victoria Martinez




symbology, homicide, Mexico, Juarez, surrealism, public


Femicides in and around Juarez terrorize all citizens in that city. For some people, homicides have taken daughters and friends in a series of vulgar brutalities. For others, murders arise in areas further away from personal life, such as news and literature. The theme is very relevant to the history of Mexico in the last decade, and that is why it makes sense that the surrounding violence and injustice appear a lot in the border theater as well. This essay examines Lomas de Poleo by Edeberto Galindo and buried stars of Antonio Zúñiga because they belong to surrealist theater and therefore contain certain techniques that help in the transmission of messages to the public. First, surrealist theater and magical realism force the audience to always question and analyze the dramatic action that develops in the montage. Confusion and fantasy, contradictions and ghosts - everything combines to create a world outside realism and the everyday life of the public; that's why people have to pay attention to all aspects of a show to get meaning out of the works.