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femmes, france, hommes, inégalités, martinique


On April 21, 1944, 66 years ago, women in France got the right to vote (Directorate of legal and administrative information). It was the war years and women around the world exercised the new responsibilities. Of course, because they had important roles during the war, they wanted to have more equality. About two months after the women in France managed to reach the right to vote, on June 11, 1944, women in Martinique had their first general assembly to make visible the situation of women and to obtain the new rights (Women's Union of the Martinique). This meeting became the first meeting of the Women's Union of Martinique, an organization that fights for women's rights to improve their daily lives. The year 1944 was crucial for women in Martinique and the West Indies, but it was only the beginning of their ordeal.