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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Bradford Bruno




bislugs, channels, glass, micro, piv


The goal for this project was to study bislugs using micro-PIV techniques. A bislug is "a slug made up of two different fluids that is self propelled due to surface tension forces" [1]. Bislugs of Ethylene glycol and Silicone Oil 1CST were produced in KIMAX-51® Glass channels size 1.5-1.8*100mm and square cross section glass micro-channels size 1mm*1mm. The cleaning method from ASTM D 2274 [13] , was used to clean the glass micro-channels before use. Images and videos of bislugs were captured on Stephen J. Potter lab’s Davis 7.2.1 program and the Imager Intense La Vision camera. The average speed of a bislug was calculated to be about 4.351 mm/s. Ethylene Glycol was successfully seeded with Duke Scientific Corp. Red Fluorescent Polymer microspheres with a diameter of 7 μm, and bislugs were produced with the seeded fluid. An experimental set up for the PIV experiment was constructed; however, PIV data was not yet taken.