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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

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Kevin Bubriski




theoretical physics, cosmology, environmental photography, human activity


The Bootstrap Hypothesis was the brain child of American theoretical physicist Geoffrey F. Chew in the 1960s. This cosmological idea stipulates that as we examine larger and larger things in the universe, they are ultimately microscopic parts of a far larger universe, one that merges with the very small. In essence, it suggests that we are all living in a universe inside ourselves. Although it’s validity is questionable, the hypothesis elicits thoughts about the fundamental workings of our universe and of our planet. The hypothesis draws to light rarity of a living planet and improbability that the physical forces of nature coming together to create our natural environment on Earth. As precious as our planet is, it is troubling to see how mankind is irrevocably destroying some of the natural beauty of the planet. By understanding and learning about the most cutting-edge topics in theoretical physics, I gained a greater appreciation for the environment.