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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

First Advisor

Kevin Bubriski




camera, photography, photographer, picture, b&w


When a photographer takes a picture, there is a brief moment when the photographer forgets the existence of the camera, a small, cold, metal box that divides herself from the subject. During this instant, she stands in a naked and unassisted sense, left to see what her inner eye seeks to see. The camera disappears to become a part of the artist, but also records and fixes the instant of telling vision. As a result, the photographer’s collection of work is a record of not only the exterior world, but of her sensitivity and inner reaction to that world; each photograph is a reflection of her mind’s eye, providing the glimpse of the photographer’s soul. Only in the accumulation of pictures is one able to see the artist’s inner being. You and Me, and the Space in Between is a such collection via portraits. It is an expression of my inner soul and a reflection of how it perceives the world as it tells of friends, strangers, and myself.