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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Theater and Dance

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Patricia Culbert




theater, companies, arts, performing, state


I intend to study the business models and marketing strategies of performing arts companies in the U.S. My research area is the capital region of New York State. I plan to interview five very different performing arts companies in the region. Home Made Theater is a community theater that could offer me the example of a volunteer based business model. I could learn from Capital Repertory Theater how a repertory theater produces productions and promote arts in the region. New York State Theater Institute is a state-funded theater companies that is very unique in the States, but has some similarities as some state-owned theater companies in China. What is more, it could offer me a very good understanding of how a theater is built on the mission of education to serve the state. In addition, I will also interview Saratoga Performing Arts Center and Proctors Theater to learn how the bigger theater venues operate their business without necessarily producing their own performances. Each of these performing arts companies is unique in its own ways, and each of them represents one type of performing arts companies in U.S. I will examine the arts programs, the operation models, marketing strategies and how these companies are navigating during an economic downturn. Could the successful models of these companies be applicable for a start-up company in China is the question that I attempt to answer.