Date of Award


Document Type

Union College Only

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

First Advisor

Walter Hatke




horizon, painting, explore, landscapes, lines


I have always found inspiration in the rocky shores and unpredictable weather of coastal New England. Water is an integral component of my work, whether or not it is explicitly depicted. The way water moves transfixes me, and particularly inspires my warping, winding, and spiraling landscapes. I began to explore circular compositions after noticing my tendency to paint landscapes in vertical orientations. I wanted to push common perceptions of horizon lines even further, to make the viewer think about what they are seeing, instead of just recognizing another horizon line. In many of the more abstract works there is no definitive right side up. Disorientation leads one to solve problems and make conclusions, bringing new meanings to landscape painting. I worked to maintain my original approach to painting the natural world, but distorted my horizon lines. In this way the viewer can follow my work from piece to piece yet still keep an active, problem-solving mindset. While some of the scenes are based on places I visit and know very well, others are a combination of actual and fabricated locations. Through painting I can explore how natural forms crumble over, build upon, reach towards, and pull at one another. At the base of most of these works, though, is a simple juxtaposition of the shoreline’s ruggedness and water’s fluidity. Special thanks to Professor Hatke, who worked with me through this artistic adventure, and the Visual Arts Department for their open doors and endless support.