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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



Second Department

Physics and Astronomy

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Daniel Mosquera




Mexico, film, hysteria, curse, characters, history


This thesis is an exploration of two very famous Mexican legend figures, La Malinche and La Llorona, and the connection between women through two films: La Llorona (1960) and Las Lloronas (2003). These films, although they are about the myth of La Llorona, have very strong connections to La Malinche. These connections are based on the representation of them in the film and the themes of the children's background, the hysteria, and the effect that La Llorona's curse has on future generations. First, information is given on the history of La Malinche. There is not much concrete information about her and it is difficult to talk about her in a certain way. The myth of La Llorona is explored and how the stories of the two women mix and the connections that are made between them through history. In addition, hysteria and its connection to the roles of women is explained. Finally, it explores the films and how La Llorona and its curse represents (the ways are different - for example, in La Llorona, the figure of her is a physical one, but in Las Lloronas, the curse is something that the characters are aware of. , but there is no physical memory) and how the connection between La Llorona and La Malinche is made. The conclusion has a comparison between the films with respect to how they treat the curse and the strong connection between the two figures very important in the history of Mexico.