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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Michele Angrist




Middle East, Turkey, Israel, international relations, conflict


Turkey and Israel had been strong allies in the Middle East, however in recent years, these relations have turned sour. Turkey was the first predominantly Muslim country to recognize the state of Israel upon its creation in 1948. However, Present day Turkey has gone as far as to pull its ambassador from Tel Aviv. The importance and implication of the decline in relations between Turkey and Israel will be explained in the following chapters. The examination of Turkish foreign policy, and specifically a history of its relations with Israel, gives a basis to explain the changes that occurred with their relationship. With an understanding of the historical implications of Turkish‐Israeli relations, each country will be looked at from its own perspective. Through each country’s view, there will be a cost benefit analysis of how the decline has affected each polity. Ultimately, the loss in relations is unfortunate for both nations, and may have implications for the Middle East in general. The analysis of the downfall of the relationship yields that Israel suffers most from the changes in relations.