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Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Shane Cotter




keyfinder, lost, objects, location, batteries


This project takes a look at redesigning a helpful device called the Keyfinder. The device is used to locate small objects that are typically lost. Items such as keys, remotes, and wallets are some example items that tend to get lost frequently. However the current models of the Keyfinder generally receive poor reviews for subpar performance and lack of usability. In an effort to remedy the situation, I looked to redesign and improve the system so the device would be useful in households. The initial design of the system consisted of a base that could communicate with 5 different receiving modules by using switches and a LCD screen to make the system user friendly. Researching materials led to several considerations on what to use to develop a prototype of the system. In the end, the Arduino boards were used to act as the base and receiving modules, with XBee units being used to allow the Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly. After building a prototype of the system, tests of the device showed positive results. However the assembly of a more finalized product came to a halt as power issues arose. During prototype testing, the devices were powered through outlets or the computers. However when testing with batteries, it was found out that power consumption was not being done correctly and thus resulted in a failure to design the receivers. In the end a final product for the base was made but the receivers were still left in a prototype stage.