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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Computer Science

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John Rieffel




soft robotics, algorithm, genetic algorithm, computation


The field of soft robotics is very promising; applications in-clude urban search and rescue and covert surveillance, but these projects are not yet realized, partly because of the difficulties in soft robot shape and locomotion design. Be-cause of this, traditional design methods do not prove to be effective. This project attempts to come up with solu-tions to this soft robot design problem; utilizing a genetic algorithm, a computer simulation of Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest,” this project attempts to make soft bodies move. This genetic algorithm evaluates each solution in simulation, and assigns each one a fitness based on distance travelled. Furthermore, this project implements a technique called co-evolution, which evolves two different things in lockstep, uti-lizing new found advancements in one to help bolster the other. This project evolves soft bodies’ physical properties, values that affect how they move, alongside locomotion tech-niques, the gaits defining their movement. Optimizations to this process are realized in the use of scalable soft meshes; this system starts on a simple mesh, and slowly increases its density, reducing the overall computation time.

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Robotics Commons