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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Terry Weiner




This thesis begins to discuss why the United States has yet to develop public school curriculum standards for teaching about 9/11 the War on Terror terrorism and Islam. My first chapter looks at the relationship between the American "culture wars" and education since the country's founding. It demonstrates how the politics of culture have not only permeated schools but have been the determining factor on what topics are covered and enforced in school curriculum. My second chapter heavily revolves around the history of education reform in the United Kingdom and how the UK government not only came to see the positive benefits of civic education but a civic education that is multicultural in nature. This education focused on strengthening their minority population's British and homeland identities in an attempt to strengthen minority trust for British government. My third chapter uses statistical analysis to determine whether what students learn about 9/11 the War on Terror and Islam in school affects their political opinions. My fourth chapter is a discussion on whether multicultural education in the UK is successful or in reality a violation of human rights law. I move back into a discussion on the way American elites frame the issue of terrorism and how this draws light on the greater forces preventing the development of a curriculum. This information will allow me to draw conclusions on whether a multicultural education is the best choice for American schools.