Livestream Session on Nanosciences, in Memory of Professor Mike Hagerman

Dr. Michael Hagerman

Dr. Michael E. Hagerman, professor of chemistry, was well known for his passion in the classroom and his friendly and wide-ranging collaboration in the research lab. His research, much of which was done with interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty, focused on inorganic and materials chemistry applied to the synthesis of inorganic and organic nanocomposites. He was co-director of the College’s Nanotechnology Program, which offers an interdisciplinary minor that explores the many applications and policies related to the inconceivably small.


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Saturday, May 22nd
3:00 PM

Nanosciences Session in Memory of Professor Michael E. Hagerman

Chris Avanessian, Union College - Schenectady, NY
Cathy Xing, Union College - Schenectady, NY
Alex Shakibai, Union College - Schenectady, NY

3:00 PM