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Mechanical Engineering


The overarching goal of this research was to simultaneously design, manufacture, and test different mechanisms for robotic tick collection, along with designing and developing an electronics package and code that would allow the robot to behave in a semi-autonomous fashion. The tick collection mechanisms were designed with the intention of providing an optimal efficiency for physically collecting ticks, minimizing their impact on the overall maneuverability of the robot, being as cost effective as possible, and being as easy to replicate as possible. A total of seven different prototypes were developed and tested under real world conditions. Of these seven, four demonstrated very promising results regarding the functional requirements of the project. The electronics package and accompanying code are being developed with the intention of allowing the robot to autonomously navigate environments which would make manual control difficult, such as dense shrubbery that would impair a direct line of sight.

Design of Collection Systems and Semi-Autonomous Controls for a Tick Collection Robot


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