The Idol

The Idol, 2009


The Idol, 2009



This year, the editorial staff of the Idol, five graduating seniors, have had the material for endless themes that we could have imposed upon this edition of the Idol: Social change in the form of environmental responsibility, as inspired by the new bikes hare program here at Onion College; The electronic elements of a now blossoming age of a new kind of art and culture; The possibilities and challenges that we are about to face in our new lives post graduation. But all this has left us feeling strangely full with a sense of void. In the end, however, it is the void for which art is created. We create art to sound in the silence, to fill the white pages, to brighten the shadows. Our cover this year, rather than imposing our own idea of a theme on artwork created by many different artists in varying circumstances, is a contemplation on the void. This is the blank page, waiting to be filled, by artists now, at union College, and throughout the years to come.

Publication Date

Spring 2009


Union College


Schenectady, NY

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The Idol, 2009