The Idol

The Idol, 2010 (2)


The Idol, 2010 (2)



For the past 135 years, the Idol statue has decorated the Union campus. Even though it's original purpose was not to be a canvas for the student body, it has become an important expressive outlet. Each year sports teams, clubs, fraternities and sororities, and the like file out in the middle of the night to deface the college property. Paint buckets and brushes in tow, each group aims to leave their mark on the Idol. Because of this tradition, the Idol is now covered with over a hundred years' worth of paint that makes the image of a lion's body unrecognizable. The image of the lion upon the pedestal has become insignificant to the typical Union student who's target has become throwing globs of upon the bottom in order to leave a part of themselves and their creative expression forever at Union, as if they would not be able to do it any other way. Each of us will leave a mark on Union in more ways than one. We each, however, will share the common bond of painting the Idol (possibly multiple times over our college careers) which is a permanent canvas for the proud Union student. Paint on, Union. Keep expressing yourselves in any way you can, it is what makes you unique.

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Spring 2010


Union College


Schenectady, NY

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The Idol, 2010 (2)