The Idol



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Once again. a decade has come to an end, however the end of the last decade brings us to the last ten years of the twentieth century. In the previous decade, we saw the Me Decade of the seventies turn into a Super Me decade, lived under Republican rule, watched MTV, and witnessed the Communist Empire begin to crumble. End. is a prelude to the nineties through the literary and artistic norms of Union College in 1989. In our attempt to display the end of the eighties, we also want to remind our readers that we must begin to think about this new century only ten years ahead of us and to be prepared to venture into it without hesitation. End. is not an apocalyptic (nor an apologetic) vision of the future, but a humble resting of an intriguing decade. With this note, look forward to the Spring Idol issue.

Publication Date

Winter 1989


Union College


Schenectady, NY

The Idol, 1989 (1)



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