The Idol



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A new decade. A time once again for change. But what can we hope for in the 90s? We can hope that artistic expression will burst upon the scene of our college community, and the voice of the Artist will be heard. Every individual has their own form of expression unique unto him/herself. This year has been a time for many to speak out, and this year's Idol cover depicts such callings from our community...And now, The Idol presents you with the voices of writers and artists who want to say something. On behalf of the Idol, I would like to thank all of those who submitted their work for our annual issue. My mailbox was overflowing with literary work...But now, we need to carry on the tradition. So for those of you who sit scribbling at counter tops drinking black coffee, or for those of you who jot down an idea in the throes of the night - please think about submitting next year. Remember, the artist never stops creating.

Publication Date

Spring 1990


Union College


Schenectady, NY

The Idol, 1990



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