The Idol

The Idol, 2013


The Idol, 2013


Jessica Doran



In my years at Union College, there are few things that have been more rewarding to me than participating in the Idol club. Compounding this fulfillment is my involvement as Editor in Chief. It has been my primary goal to construct this book in its physical form: to make it aesthetically pleasing, interesting, and worthwhile to read. My other, more arduous task, however, is to make it a testament to you: the student body of Union College. If ever there was a time when people were frustrated or irritated by my countless emails and flyers for submission, I apologize, but I only want to ensure that this book is the best representation of Union's talent, and there sure is a lot of it. I am proud of this product, and proud of everyone who contributed. The passion and creativity I have found in this position and at Union in general is difficult to replicate, and it is surely something I will miss. I hope you enjoy this small piece of the beauty that our school embodies.

Publication Date

Spring 2013


Union College


Schenectady, NY


American Literature

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The Idol, 2013