Ephemeris, the Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Ephemeris, the Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy is an undergraduate journal of philosophy dedicated to harvesting exceptional undergraduate writing grounded in the distinct value and interest of the philosophical endeavor. Since its founding in 2001, Ephemeris, the Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy has published contributions from students from across the nation and the world; a recent issue included work from students in Holland, the UK and Canada. Our journal is run by students, who evaluate the contributions and select the best for publication. Contributions are solicited in all areas of philosophy, including metaphysics, ethics, political theory, epistemology, feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, eastern philosophy, philosophy of mind, and more.

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Contact: Ephemeris.uc@gmail.com

Current Volume: Volume 20 (2020)

Letter from the Editors

We are pleased to present the 2020 edition of Ephemeris, the Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy. For the past 20 years, Ephemeris has highlighted outstanding contributions from undergraduate philosophers around the world. This year has been no exception and the task of selecting only a few of many excellent submissions was a very difficult one. We thank all of the authors who submitted their work over the past year. This is the second issue wholly sponsored by the Union College Department of Philosophy; we thank the Department again for its generous support. This is also the first issue that is wholly online; we will not for the foreseeable future publish in print. We thank the staff at Schaffer Library, Union College, for their indispensable and literally tireless help in setting up the pages, with particular gratitude extended to J. DiPasquale and R. Fried. We are proud to share our selections and hope that you enjoy Ephemeris 2020.


Faculty Editor-in-Chief
Professor Andrea Pedeferri
Faculty Co-advisor
Professor Felmon Davis
Student Editors Ephemeris 2020
John J. Costello
Harper L. Lyon
William F. McCann
James S. Segee-Wright
Scott M. Williams