Hikers, paddlers, and cyclists at six sites in the central and northern Adirondack Park were interviewed about their outdoor recreation activities and expenditures. Interviews were conducted on 46 randomly-selected half-days for a 4% sample of time periods between late May and late August, 2000. From interview results, I estimate that 6,075 parties or 17,750 persons entered the back country at these points during the summer. Parties were in the Park an average of 3.6 days, during which time each person spent an average of $25-$42 locally for services such as gas, food, lodging, shopping and admission fees. Many parties were also carrying gear purchased at some time in the Adirondack Park, averaging $75-$115 worth of gear per person. These results compare well with those collected in Maine and other New York State parks. I estimate that all visitors to the six sites spent one to two million dollars in services for the summer, two to four million dollars in services for the year.



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