Housing conditions in US. Census Tract 9508, the Towns of Franklin and Brighton in Franklin County New York, potentially reflect the influence of being situated inside a high-amenity area, the Adirondack Park. I used data from the US. Census Bureau to compare County Level housing character­istics to Tract Level characteristics. All analy­ses were conducted in Excel. At first glance, the Tract appears to be doing quite well with high homeownership rates and increasing house values. However, evidence of increasing housing costs, transience, and undercrowding suggest that community officials must explore the potential negative impacts of two emerging issues resulting from these three problems. First, an unstable community may result from aging structures housing an aging population who arrived prior to 1980 combined with an influx of newer and possibly smaller or retiree families. Second, rising house values and gross rents coupled with a decline in multiple family units, mobile homes, and other options far Low and Lowest income families suggest gentrification may be occurring. Officials should consider the following recommendations: confirm trends through a more in-depth analysis of the Tract compared to other Adirondack Tracts, assess the impacts of a changing population on existing community services, and implement more inclusionary housing practices to provide Low-cost housing opportunities.



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